Assignment 1

By choosing to use Yahoo's Aacabo Small Business (YASB) as my web host, I found its advantages to outweigh its disadvantages. The highest priority in my decision was the recommendation and advice of my professor, Dr. Hart. Dr. Hart advised that he has found YASB to be helpful and reliable for this CSIS course. He also stated that he was most familiar with it, so it would be much easier for him to help me if issues would arise. Additionally, since this is my first time programming in PHP, I did not want to make anything more complicated than it needed to be. If I know that YASB works well for this course, than I should probably stick with it. I also greatly value and appreciate the recommendation of my instructor. YASB seems to be the best choice, in my opinion, for completing CSIS 410.

While YASB represents the best choice for this course, there are several disadvantages to using it. First of all, I already have a multi-site hosting account with Hostica, with free space for an additional website. Since I also already had an available domain name, using Hostica would have been free. Futhermore, since I have used Hostica before, I do have familiarity with it that I do not have with YASB. However, I am more than willing to learn new things and wanted to have the best possible environment for this course, as recommended by Dr. Hart. Moreover, he stated that some CSIS 410 students have had issues with Hostica in the past, and I would rather avoid those issues. To sum it up, the disadvantages of YASB really are cost (though this is low) and lack of familiarity.